Adult Library Cards

When designing Adult plastic library cards, the world is your canvas. You are not limited to just one color or one copy because we produce custom printed library cards and card key tags for libraries that fits your needs at no additional cost.

All of our products are printed on Teslin and laminated with the best lamination so you know your are getting the most durable membership cards and key tags money can buy. Now that you have created a product that will last, give your patron’s a choice of barcode cards and key tag that fits their personality. You may use copy that reflects a local landmark, person, custom design or historic site.   Design your custom library card at no additional cost.

A design contest is always a great way to get your patron’s involved.  You have a vast resource in your patrons and there is no better way to make them feel that they are a part of the library. Your community probably has photographers, artist, designers and all type of talent to help you with new designs and make your library the center point in the community. With our policy of no set up cost, no design cost (we can make the designs technically correct), no charge for copy changes and four color printing, you can have a variety of cards printed in full color at the same price as one single color card. Make sure you get the most for your money. We will be happy to sit down and discuss all your options.

If you are looking for custom library cards, membership cards and key tags, customer loyalty cards, or any other type of plastic cards, contact us today and experience the Dasher Printing difference!

Card key tag sample of Broome County, Hickory and Nicholson libraries

Adult Plastic Library Cards.
Samples of library loyalty card key tag, 3 different design
Samples of teslin cards with key fob, 3 examples

Adult Plastic Library Cards.

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