Art Contest

Custom printed library cards is a great way to get your community involved in your library.

If you have a contest to design new library cards you will be able to tap  the talent of the artists, designers, photographers and creative individuals in your community.

We will supply you with templates for computer and hand drawn entries. Our template for hand drawn entries is 3 times larger than an actual card so a child will have plenty of room to draw a card that will have the correct ratios. This template can be downloaded and printed in the patrons home on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

Many great key tag cards start out with a photograph, you can send us a photograph and we and add any information or type you want,  the best part is there is no additional cost for this service. We will make sure all artwork is technically correct. If you just get a design for a card but decide you would like rather have a card/key tag combination, we will take care of the key tag design. Its pretty simple, once you decide on the winning drawing, we will take care of the rest, just part of our service.  Oh yes, if you  receive too many good designs and have trouble choosing just one, don’t worry, pick several, we do not charge for copy changes.  You can change the design on your barcode card and key tag every time you order without any additional charge, we do not charge for set up.

Truly Custom Printed Library Cards: Don’t Be Forced into the One-Size-Fits-All Box!

Library card design ideas
Designing a library key card ideas
Designing a library key card ideas

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