Card Key Tags

Library punch card key tag.

Custom printable plastic library cards and key tags cards are the hottest item on the  market.

The samples above show our most popular item of a card with 1 key tag. The card is the same size as a standard credit card  ( 2 1/8” x 3 3/8”) so it will fit in a wallet or purse designed for a credit card and the key tag is 1 1/8” x 2 5/8” with 1/8” between the card and the key tag.

This design works very well because  the size of the key tag provides room for a larger barcode number, making check out much easier and faster.

The 1/8″ space between the card and key tag allows for bleed so you can print different colors on the card and the key tag eliminating concern about the color bleeding over to the other item.  This has proven to be a popular die for us but it does not fit all applications.  Some applications might require two or more key tags.

Shown below are some of the dies we have in stock but don’t worry if you don’t see exactly what you want.  We  make custom printed library cards so you can have exactly what you want.  You do not have to settle for something off the shelf.  A great way to get the community involved in your library is to have a design contest for new custom printed library cards.  You can change your design every time you order without any additional cost.  We do not charge for copy changes, set up or design.   Full color or 4 color process is the same price as one color such as blue.  Your library cards should represent your library.  Each library is a little different from the next depending on their patrons so let your design represent your library.

Card Key Tags

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