Custom printed library cards

Custom printed plastic library cards can be what ever you want.

There is no rule saying that your card must be a standard  CR80 design (2 1/8” x 3 3/8”) .   We can make a card to almost any size and shape you desire.  The card is designed for your library, not another library.  You get to decide what it will look like and how it will represent your library and your patrons.

You might want to be different and have a round library card or some other shape.  You even might want to stick with the traditional die shown below and make you card unique by using different designs to represent your patrons.

Our goal is to get you exactly what you want and to make sure it last.  A card must not only be appealing but it must be durable and the barcode must read the first time, every time.  We use  only Teslin as our core material which is not the case with all card laminators.   Teslin is the brand name for a synthetic material made by PPG industries that bonds physically and chemically with hot melt lamination and last up to 10 times longer that other synthetic materials.  Customers get confused when discussing Teslin because some vendors use it to describe the process of printing the barcode on the core stock along with the copy.  Lamination is added to protect both the barcode and the copy. A PVC card  is printed, laminated and then cut to size.  The barcode is added to the  surface of the lamination, providing no protection for the barcode.  A lot of vendors are substituting other synthetic material as the core stock to keep the cost down but there is not a synthetic on the market that bonds as well as Teslin.

Now that you know you custom plastic library card is going to last, take advantage of our no charge for artwork, set-up, copy changes and no more cost for full color or process color printing than a single color such as blue.

Just think, all those things that have always limited you in your design due to cost no longer apply.  All our products are produced on state of the art digit equipment. The barcode and copy are printed at the same time which produces the best quality.  Go out there and have an art contest for new designs.  You are no longer  limited by colors and copy changes.  Be creative and save money at the same time.


Teslin custom cards design sepcs

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