Children’s Library Cards

Designing Custom Children’s Plastic Library Cards

Children’s plastic library cards are one of the best application for a design contest. It is always exciting to see the variety of unique design you receive. The comment we usually hear is “our biggest challenge is deciding which design to use”.

With our policy of no charge for copy changes, you are not limited to one design.  You can have two, three or more designs for the same price as one design. We have a hand drawn template that is printed 3 times the size of a regular card, making it much easier for children of all ages to draw on. We will supply you with a PDF of this templet that can be downloaded and printed on your patron’s printer or in your library.

If you decide to turn one of the hand drawings into a library card key tag combination, just send us a scan of the hand drawing and we will take care of the rest.  We do not charge for design services, that is just part of our services. We also have design templates for you patrons that want to draw the card on a computer.

Unique Children’s Plastic Library Cards

Unique Children’s Library Cards

Unique Children’s Library Cards

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