Truly Custom Printed Library Cards: Don’t Be Forced into the One-Size-Fits-All Box!

Card Key Tags For Libraries

At Dasher Printing we offer custom printed library cards exactly the way you want them.

We don’t add on charges for every little thing, if it doesn’t cost us more then it doesn’t cost you more. Options include:

  • One design or multiple designs at the same price. This gives you the option to:
    • Offer several designs so that your customers can choose what they like most.
    • Offer designs for different age groups: adult library cards, teen library cards, or children’s library cards.
    • Offer designs for various causes or awareness. Maybe you want to offer cards that represent:
      • Breast cancer
      • Multiple sclerosis
      • Cancer
      • Animal rights
      • Nature preservation
      • Any other cause you want to show support for or raise awareness for
  • Full color cards at no additional charge.
  • Full size custom printable library cards and/or card key tags for libraries – you choose what suits your needs most.
    • You can even select to have one, two, or three key tags in a set. To further customize, you can choose to have all of the key tags in a set have the same bar code or different ones.
  • Teslin cards with key fob. We ONLY use Teslin because it’s the best core stock on the market and will last longer, reducing your long-term costs. Our products are made in the USA using higher quality materials and production methods than our competitors.
  • And more!

We believe in true customization so that you get no less than exactly what you need. When you come to Dasher Printing, you will deal directly with an owner of the company who will help you choose the right product for your needs within your budget. Our customer service is unrivaled and our quality unparalleled.

Contact us today for your custom library card and key tag needs and experience the Dasher Printing way!

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