Library card sample designs
If you are designing a library card, key tag card or library card key tags, you want to pick the item that best fits your patrons.

At Dasher Printing, all our products are produced on state of the art digital equipment which gives you the flexibility to make copy changes between lots at no additional cost.

You now have the option to design a card for children, teens, adults and friends of the library at the same price as producing just one  design.

Digital printing not only gives you the ability to change copy at no additional cost but you can use all the color you want at the same price as printing your name in blue ink.  Make your library cards fun, add color and give your patrons a choice of designs.  You are no longer restricted by cost.   All our products are produced using Teslin as our core stock, making them last up to 10 times longer than other synthetic material. They will be around for a long time so make them look good.

Make sure you get the most for your money!  We do not charge for set-up, design, copy changes and printing in 4 color process is the same price as printing in 1 color ink as blue.

Truly Custom Printed Library Cards: Don’t Be Forced into the One-Size-Fits-All Box!

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