Full Color

Custom Color Plastic Library Cards

Our teslin plastic card orders are produced on state-of-the art digital presses that are designed for full color printing.  You can have 4 color process (full color) cards for the same price as a one color card.

You and your patrons no longer have to settle for a basic boring card but can have custom printed plastic library cards that represents your library, community and the image you want to project without any additional cost.  At Dasher Printing, there is never a cost for making a copy change and printing process color is the same price as printing a one color ink such as blue.

If you do not have a graphic designer, Dasher Printing will provide one at no cost.

At Dasher Printing we believe that if we make the best product on the market, provide the best service, which is what we are known for and sell it at a competitive price, we will build repeat business.

As part of our service, we do free design.

The better image we help you project the higher the probability you will become a customer for life.  We are in business to build customers, not just sell a one time order.


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