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It doesn’t matter if you call them library loyalty card key tags, card key tags for libraries or key tag cards, they are the hottest item on the market today and for a good reason.  They are easy to find and easy to use.

In today’s fast moving society, everyone is in a hurry and wants to be able to check out as quickly and easily as possible.  The most common example I keep hearing from different libraries is of a mother with children checking out books.  She already has her keys out to unlock her car and her library key tag is out and ready to scan, so it is quick and easy.

Key tags come in different shapes and sizes, you can have 1 key tag, 2 key tags or 3 key tags in a set.  The set can have the same number if you wish to issue several key tags to the same patron or have different numbers if you need to reach more patrons because your library is  on a limited budget.

All of our key tags are printed on Teslin and only Teslin to make them bond 10 times stronger than other synthetics.

Key tags offer the advantage of being quick and easy to use but because they are always exposed, they have a shorter life span than cards that are in a wallet.  The materials used are more important on key tags than any other product.  If they are not printed on Teslin and laminated correctly, the lamination will peel off and the key tag will need to be replace.  Do it right the first time, call us and we will take care of the rest.

Teslin Key Tags

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