Library card sample designs

Custom Library Cards Or Membership Cards And Key Tags

All of our bar coded cards and key tags are numbered on press when we are printing the copy, insuring the barcode and human readable number will be in the correct location and will read first time every time.

The library industry uses a coda bar or code 39 (sometimes called code 3 of 9) but we can do many more codes if you have a need for an additional symbology. We can generate a code 39 with a mod 43 check digit and take out the check digit character of a space. When a space is generated as the check digit character, the human readable number will only show the consecutive number since a space is not visible. This is a problem when a patron is trying to enter their account number to reserve a book over the phone, they only see 13 digits and the computer is looking for 14 digits.  We have eliminated this problem.

The most common check digit in the library industry is a mod 10 check digit which means an algorithm or math formula is applied to the first 13 digits (it can be any number of digits, 13 is just the most common) and the remainder is subtracted from 10 to derive the check digit. There are several algorithm (math calculations) that can be used and subtract the remainder from 10. If you do not know the algorithm being used on your system, you can send us a list of numbers and we can tell which one to use.

Dasher Printing always has you test the barcode numbers before the order is printed so we know it will work with your system. All our Teslin bar coded cards and key tags are made in the USA!

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