teslin card printing
teslin card printing
teslin card printing

Not all design can be put in a category. Above are just some designs we have done to celebrate a special date or a special group such as the Friends of the Library.

Our standard construction of our library card, bar coded card and key tags all follow this construction.

1.  We start off with a 10 mil sheet of Teslin (which bonds up to 10 times stronger than other synthetic material) and print the sheet with the desired copy and barcode on both side of the sheet.

2.  We laminate with 10 mil clear lamination on the front.  The lamination we use is constructed of 4 mils poly and 6 mils adhesive.  Some manufactures use a 10 mil lamination that is constructed of 2 mil poly and 8 mil adhesive that is less expensive but only has one half the poly to protect the core stock.  We usually put a 10 mil matte lamination on the back that is also 4 mils of poly and 6 mils adhesive.  The matte finish is used for a signature and to reduce the glare to make the barcode read better.  The lamination that is used on the front and back is mapped and matched to each other to make sure the product lays flat and does not curl.  All our lamination films have a waterproof barrier to protect the adhesive from breaking down.

3.  The third step in the process is to die cut the product. This along with the copy determines if we are producing library cards, card key tags for library or just key tag.  All products are produced the same way with the best materials on the market.

4.  The product is boxed in individual boxes that has the starting and ending number on the end of each box so you can keep them in order.  The individual boxes are then packed approximately 3000 item to a carton.

We stand behind all our products 100% All our cards are made in the USA!

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