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We produce different types of products but no matter if you call them children’s library cards, library credit card key tags or bar coded card and key tags, they are all produced the same way, the only difference is the copy and the die cut.

The most important aspect about all our products is Dasher Printing uses only Teslin as our core material.

Don’t be mislead by vendors saying they use a synthetic material to make you think you are getting Teslin. Teslin is a synthetic substrate produced by PPG Industries that bonds physically and chemically with hot lamination and has the best porosity (the ability to absorb ink and adhesive) on the market today.   Many manufactures use the term Teslin as if it is a process, not a brand name, leading you to believe that you are getting the same quality.

When plastic cards were first produced, they were mainly used for credit cards that were embossed with an account number and later the embossed numbers were replaced with a magnetic stripe. This is an excellent way to make credit cards  but because PVC is very rigid material.  Barcodes (variable data) could not be printed on the core material.   PVC cards are printed in sheets, laminated,  cut down to individual cards  then the barcode is added to  the laminated surface, leaving the barcode without any protection.

A composite card uses a synthetic material that is flexible, with  the barcode and copy printed on the core material.  The card is laminated, then die cut to the final size with the printing and barcode under the lamination.  Many manufactures refer to the process of having the barcode under the lamination  as a Teslin card, describing the process, not the brand name material, which is misleading.

The synthetic that is used as the core material determines how long the card will last.  We produced two identical cards, the only difference was the core material.  The Teslin card lasted 10 time longer than  the synthetic card.  You can  decide, do you want a card that cost less or one that will last up to 10 times longer.

If you are looking for custom library cards, membership cards and key tags, customer loyalty cards, or any other type of plastic cards, contact us today and experience the Dasher Printing difference!


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