Custom Library Cards Services And Production

Custom Library Cards Services And Production

Art design: Donʼt have an art designer on you staff? No problem because our art department will provide you with superior service and creative ideas. If you wish to do your own design, we will provide you with die lines and art specifications. This is a free service.

Copy Changes: Patrons like choices and we are here to help. No longer do you have to be limited to one card design due to cost. Give your patrons several designs to choose from or make your design to represent your patrons. For example you could choose to do children, teens, adults and friends, We do not charge for copy changes.

Numbering Options: Need to save money but still want to give your patron’s a choice between a card or key tag? We have the ability to put a different number on the card from the key tag.   You can issue the card to one patron and save the key tag for another patron. You only pay for production of 1 item but get 2 items, cutting your cost per patron in half and still give them a choice.

Press proofs: We will provide you with a proof from the press that will be running your job. This proof is printed on Teslin and will include your barcode. This is the most accurate way to check your job for color and copy. This proof will also allow you to test scan the barcode.

Sign off sheet: In addition too your press proof, everything about your order will be detailed on your sign off sheet for final approval. Every specification about your job will be listed.  Such as quantity, price, starting number, ending number, barcode symbology ect. Nothing is left to chance.

Billing options: Do you need billing options due to budgets? Give us a call and we will work with you.

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