Teens Library Cards

Teens Library Cards

Library cards designed to inspire teens to visit and use their local library.

Todays teens are tomorrows leaders.  Each generation far surpasses the previous generation in their quest for knowledge.  What better place to gain knowledge than the library.  Let you teen’s library card reflect their ideas and ability.  If you have a question about electronics, just ask a teen, chances are good they have the answer.  Take advantage of this talent you have in your community, have a card design contest for teens.  They can be as creative and use as many color and photos as they desire, at Dasher Printing we do NOT charge extra for printing in 4 color process (full color), it is the same price as print a one color ink.  If you have several designs, you can use them all, we do not charge for copy changes and there is never a set-up charge so you can change the copy every time you print.  We will provide you with template overlay they can use for computer graphics.

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